Featured Project

Banks Residence

the vision

Nestled on an expansive cul-de-sac lot, this project stands as a testament to sophistication, seamlessly blending a luxury outdoor lifestyle with the home’s architectural grandeur.

Crafted to evoke an ambiance of refined leisure, our design features meticulously engineered retaining walls that not only sculpt the landscape but also frame the pool as an enchanting centerpiece, commanding attention from the entryway and main living spaces.

Despite the lot’s flatness, we skillfully introduced varied levels within the landscape. Through the integration of concrete retaining walls, paver decks and steps, stone-faced structures, and a thoughtfully positioned covered deck overlooking the pool, we artfully added depth and allure to the scenery.

A raised wall adorned with scuppers delicately carries the serene sounds of water, from the master bedroom to the heart of the kitchen, fostering an atmosphere of tranquil elegance.



At the core of our design philosophy was the art of entertainment. Seamlessly integrated adjacent to the pool, a suite of meticulously designed outdoor living spaces extended the allure of the home. Discreetly nestled within raised planters, these amenities, including a slide, a pavilion boasting a generous TV screen, and a timber trellis with elevated seating walls, invite moments of leisure and timeless memories.

As the sun yields to twilight, the space metamorphoses into an enchanting sanctuary. A custom-crafted fire feature atop the raised wall not only provides warmth but also emerges as a captivating focal point, casting mesmerizing reflections upon the pool’s tranquil waters.

Privacy and natural beauty were pivotal in our landscape design. Thoughtfully curated foliage, paired with a strategic concrete fence, curated a serene, low-maintenance environment while ensuring secluded oases for tranquil escapes.

The modest yet purposeful front extends the home’s allure, welcoming guests from the street to the inviting front porch and door through artfully placed stone on raised planters.

As dusk descends, carefully positioned lights weave a tapestry of enchantment, accentuating the landscape’s splendor and underscoring the subtle elegance of every corner, presenting an idyllic haven for refined living