The filter pump is the heart of any pool.   The filter pump circulates the water through the filtration system and must be sized correctly to efficiently remove debris and eliminate harmful bacteria.  

Pumps are also used for additional systems such as: in-floor cleaning, spa jets, solar heating and water features. 

Pump selection is important and it is usually based upon a hydraulic design for each specific project. 


Single speed pumps have been in use for decades.  Although they are cheap to purchase they are relatively noisy and inefficient to run. 

For this reason they are not a good option unless they are used on a system which only operates infrequently: spa jets, water features etc. 

Pentair’s Whisperflo pumps are self priming and are compatible with all filters, cleaning systems and spa jets.  They feature an oversized strainer basket and volute and heavy duty construction for long life. 


Variable speed pumps represent the cutting edge of pump technology. 

They are quieter, run cooler and offer advanced features which allow the pool owner to dial the exact flow rate required.  

Variable Speed pumps are up to 90% more efficient than single speed pumps which means they can pay for themselves within the first 12-18 months of operation. 

The Pentair IntelliFlo pump has set the standard for energy efficiency, near silent operation and long service life. 

It offers up to 8 programmable speeds and built in timer which is fully compatible with the Intellitouch Control System. 


Effective filtration requires the removal of insoluble matter such as dirt, debris and algae from the pool water. 

The most common filtration systems use either sand or cartridge filters. 

The filter area can vary, depending on the size of the unit, but generally the larger the filter the lower the maintenance required. 

Sand filters trap debris, oils and dirt in the small openings between the media particles.  The media is usually sand or glass particles of varying size. 

Once too much dirt has accumulated in the media bed the filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed to a sewer connection.  

The availability of this sewer point is a critical consideration when selecting a sand filter for a filtration system. 

The alternative to a sand filter is a cartridge filter.  Cartridge filters are more effective than sand filters at trapping small particles. 

The water is cleaned by passing through a pleated synthetic fabric that traps the dirt and oils. 

Cartridge filters can contain more than one filter which means the filters require cleaning less regularly. 

One significant advantage of this filter is that when cleaning is required the cartridges can be removed from the filter tank and hand washed with a garden hose.  

This avoids the need for a permanent sewer connection in the pool equipment area which can be a large additional expense. 


Removing debris before it reaches the pool filter improves water circulation and minimizes filter maintenance and cleaning. 

Leaf canisters are designed to capture floating debris that has been collected by the skimmers and main drain. 

These canisters can be located in the pool equipment area or within the pool deck and are cleaned as part of the regular maintenance cycle. 

Finer debris, which is heavier than water, needs to be collected via centrifugal filtration. 

Waterco’s Multi Cyclone is designed to remove up to 80% of fine debris before it reaches the pool filter. 

This sediment is collected in a separate chamber that can be purged as required. 

The combination of a leaf canister and Multi Cyclone can minimize backwash frequency or cartridge cleaning to as little as once per year. 


Sanitation is required to ensure healthy conditions in pool and spa water.  

An effective sanitation system will maintain water clarity and control the growth of harmful bacteria and germs.  

The most popular methods for sanitation involve the addition of chlorine. 

Chlorine can be added to the pool manually, via a floating chlorinator/erosion feeder or it can be dosed automatically via dispenser. 

Erosion feeders and Automatic dispensers are effective but they are expensive to maintain due to the need to constantly buy chlorine tablets or liquid. 

The alternative is a Salt Chlorinator which generates chlorine from the salt that is added to the pool water on start up. 

Salt chlorinators are becoming more popular as they eliminate the need for the pool owner to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds. 

With salt levels approximately one sixth of sea water the pool water feels clean, clear and luxuriously soft. 

The Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator features full diagnostic capabilities, push button operation, automatic shut off and the ability to communicate with the Intellitouch Automation System. 


The addition of chlorine is only part of maintaining healthy pool water. To ensure the sanitizer is working effectively the pool’s pH (acidity of the water) needs to be maintained between 7.2-7.8. 

As chlorine is added to the pool water the pH rises. Unless the pH is lowered, by adding acid, the chlorine will be ineffective which will lead to poor sanitation. 

Manually testing and adding acid is labor intensive and can be avoided with the installation of a chemical controller. 

Chemical controllers help keep the pH and chlorine levels of pool water in constant balance. 

Pentair’s Intellichem minimizes the cost of purchasing chemicals with programmable chemical feed cycles and mix times. 

The unit automatically tests and doses the pool water with liquid chlorine and acid as required. 

Alternatively salt chlorinated pools can be maintained with an automatic pH controller (acid doser). 

The IntellipH controller automatically dispenses muriatic acid to eliminate fluctuations in the pH level and is the perfect companion for the IntelliChlor salt chlorine generator. 


Heaters are a vital component of any pool and spa system.  A good quality heating system can extend the swimming season dramatically and provide excellent value for the pool owner. 

The most common systems used are natural gas, heat pumps and solar. 

Like most pool equipment it is critical to ensure the heater is sized correctly to account for the size of the pool/spa.

Gas heaters are “on demand” and can raise the pool/spa’s temperature in a relatively short period. 

Gas pressure and volume are an important consideration when installing gas heaters which can range in size form 125-400 megajoule. 

Heat pumps are very efficient however they are less effective in colder climates and need to be supplemented with an auxiliary gas heater if quick heat up times are required.

Solar heating is very cost effective however it can generally only heat a pool in the warmest months of the year. 

The Pentair Mastertemp gas heater is compact, super quiet and offers best in class energy efficiency. 

Pool and spa temperatures can be pre-set and controlled via the digital display or a Intellitouch automation system. 


LED lights are energy efficient and use up to 89% less energy than incandescent and halogen fittings. 

Pentair’s Intellibrite lights can be installed as white or color changing with multiple fixed colors and optional customized light shows. 

Designed for steps/shallow areas Colorcascade LED light bubblers combine a color changing LED with the soothing sound of fountain like water movement. 


Water features can range from a simple waterfall or geyser all the way to an elaborate vanishing edge pool. 

Even the most basic waterfall or fountain will provide visual interest and soothing ambient noise for the entire pool and spa area. 

The wind, climate, scale and budget must all be considered when designing water features. 

When done well a water feature will add personality and tranquility to your poolside experience. 

Pentair’s Magicfalls can provide a sheet, curtain or rainfall effect to any raised wall whilst the Wall Spring Decorative Accents provide architectural elegance in a range of styles ranging from Lions Heads, Sconces & Rosettes. 


Spa jets provide a hydro-therapy effect and are the perfect way to unwind after a long hard day. 

Jets can be customized to provide different effects including single stream, multi massage and twin roto.

Waterways jets are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. 


Pool & Spa automation allows the client to control pump speeds, heating, sanitization, water features, spa jets and lighting. 

This can all be done at the touch of a button via an in-house control panel or even remotely via  a smart phone or tablet. 

This alleviates the burden of manually turning valves and pushing buttons at the equipment area and ensures you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time operating it. 

Pentair’s Intellitouch automation system can control all aspects of your pool and spa including seamless integration with the Intelliflo pump and chemical automation system.