Manufacturers have produced many products and offerings that enable landscape contractors to offer a variety of options to discerning clients. These products, when used properly, add to the visual appeal of an outdoor space. Whether it be:

  • Pavers which now come in many styles, varieties and colors

  • Landscape lighting which can be used in many applications to enhance the ambiance during the evening hours

  • Pool tile and plaster colors

  • Brick, rock or stucco options to tie the new hardscape into existing themes on the house,

  • Outdoor appliances that perform fantastically and can handle severe weather

  • Fabrics and cushions that perform well in outdoor spaces

  • even plants and trees that are more hardy, require less water, bloom longer or produce specific colors and fragrances.

The number of options has significantly increased and qualified contractors can utilize these options to add pop, interest and intrigue to a well designed space.

Utah homeowners are looking for designs that are unique, something different than everyone else. They want a customized landscape design solution for their space and they value a landscape or pool contractor who can see their vision, offer additional ideas, and design something specific to them, their house, their land and their use requirements. The 20×40 swimming pool is no longer the norm. In fact, many are not even calling them swimming pools anymore. Depending upon the desired outcome, they are often labeled as Luxury Pools, or Relaxation Pools, or Activity Pools. In many markets, local craftsmen and artisans have emerged who create wonderful elements that are unique, and can make a property stand out offering the exact solution an opinionated client is seeking.

Quality and reliability are huge factors for a homeowner who will be investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new or remodel Outdoor Living Space. Unfortunately, many underqualified and inexperienced contractors saw the opportunity to move into this new space and they jumped on the bandwagon. Families who were excited to get started hired whoever was available, and after engaging, realized they had not partnered with the right company. Deadlines were missed, pricing was inaccurate, quality suffered, and the final product was not what they had expected. The experienced and proven contractors, while busy, often bid projects higher because they knew the true costs associated with the project—this was not their first rodeo. Word of mouth spread through neighborhoods and communities and those who had been burned encouraged anyone looking to do a remodel or new construction to seek out qualified and experienced contractors, companies that have been in business for many years and who have many satisfied clients and an amazing portfolio of unique work.

In coming years, more people will invest heavily in transforming their Outdoor Living spaces into places that bring joy. After all, the views from the inside of the house often matter more than the views of the outside of the house. What do you want to be looking at when you sit in your family room, kitchen, master bedroom, home office? Those are the million dollar views that should be carefully considered. With Platinum Landscape & Pools , those views can be transformed into something truly amazing, something that inspires you, brings you joy, and offers you and your family benefits that get better with time.. So, start imagining the possibilities and set aside funds so that you can have the landscape, pool, hardscape and outdoor environment of your dreams. It is possible

 Article by: Rick Meinzer, Chief Creative Officer, Platinum Landscape & Pools, founded in 1998 – Contact us for questions on creating your luxury outdoor living space! Browse our portfolio