You may wonder why this would be an important consideration when choosing a Landscape Contractor. The value of this question depends on what you want. If all you care about is sprinklers, concrete, grass and plants, this may not matter to you. However, if you view your landscape as a major investment in the value of your home, and a contributor to your quality of life, this question becomes more meaningful.

Many claim to be the best. You see the signs and slogans everywhere. “Best Ice Cream”, “Best Burger on the PLANET”, “Best Auto Dealership in The West”, “Utah’s Best Landscape Contractor”……  While this may be true, what evidence does the person, or business claiming this designation have?  Say’s who is the question I often ask.  This is where the real value of Awards, Competitions and Recognition play out.

Any person or company that can support their claim is a company that deserves closer inspection.  The fastest way to prove a claim is to point to an award or recognition. In the State of Utah, we have an Award called “BEST OF STATE”. This award is bestowed on organizations that meet certain guidelines and criteria, and are evaluated by an independent panel of judges.  If a company claims “Best in Utah”, and they have received the “BEST OF STATE” award recently, that is a legitimate claim.

Let’s say you value creativity, and you want a company that is innovative and unique in their approach to landscape design.  You might consider asking them if they have won any awards or received recognition for their creativity.  The answers may vary, but it will be obvious if they meet the criteria you are looking for.  Imagine you plan on investing $100,000.00 into your landscape.  If the contractor responds enthusiastically they have won “2016 Orem Beautification Award”, that might be an indicator of experience and qualifications.  On the other hand, your contractor might say “We are a finalist in the HGTV Ultimate Outdoor Award competition for the 2nd year in a row. We were handpicked by HGTV staff, nominated and through judging, made it to national finals, as one of 6 contractors in the country.” WOW, that’s a big deal!  That is information that you can trust, and that should indicate you are dealing with a reputable contractor who can justify their claims.

Award, recognition and reputation matter because these contractors have paid the price to perfect their craft.  Independent, non-biased judges and subject matter experts have deemed this contractor worthy of a specific recognition.  When done on a national and international level, that means this contractor can really back up the claims they are making.  It means that you know you are dealing with a pro, a company that takes their work seriously, a company that cares about the things that matter to you.

So, next time you want to hire a contractor, ask them a few questions.  Has your work been featured in any magazines or publications?  What awards have you won RECENTLY? How has your company been recognized? Who besides you, Mr. Smith, says you guys create award-winning work. The answers might surprise you.